Mexican sunflower seeds

hank2230(z5 Canton, Ohio)October 28, 2008

Can anyone tell me how to identify the seeds. I have taken the flower petals off and have a lot of what looks like chaff from grain. I then have a lot of little beige stems about 1/2 inch long and a red/orange spot on the very end. I suspect this is the seed but I would like confirmation if anyone can help me.

Thank all very much

If Mortz8 sees this message I have tried to reach you but was denied access to your site.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Hank, was it me you were looking for? I don't have emails to me through GW blocked....

I may have referred you to Seed Site for photos of pods, capsules, seeds:

There was a good photo last Fall of tithonia seed on the Seed Harvesting/Saving forum - I haven't grown these myself.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tithonia seed

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ramazz(8a VA)

It sounds like you are trying to harvest the seeds before they are ripe. The petals will all fall off and the center of the flower will turn brown and hard. The stem leading up to the flower will also turn brown. You need to wear gloves when harvesting these because the pods are pretty sharp. Once the seeds are ripe, you can either put the pods in a bag to dry completely or break the pods open to harvest the seeds. They look like the picture in the link morz8 provided.


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hank2230(z5 Canton, Ohio)

morz8 and ramazz,
I may very well need to offer you both an apology. Razz described something different than what I am calling mexican sunflower. I will take a picture of what I have and maybe one of you will be able to identify it if I am calling it by the wrong name. Thanks to both of you.

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