Campfire Roses, anyone grow them?

bodayJanuary 17, 2014

I'm really intrigued by these. There's not much information on them, out there and I thought someone on here might have some experience with them. Mostly interested in how often they rebloom and general experience. They're a Morden product so hardiness is a given.

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Campanula UK Z8

Don't see why not - looks like a fairly basic floribunda to me (and not remotely to my taste either) but I do appreciate why hardiness is such an issue for those of you in northern climes...and this one does seem to fit the bill. There are a surprising number of roses which can be grown in Z3 and even Z2 - I think climbers are a bit trickier as many will be killed to the soil level. A number of once flowering roses, which bloom on older wood are also impossible for those in chilly climates.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

might want to ask the same in the rose forum ...


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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

The only problem that I can see with this lovely rose is disease resistance. Do you by any chance have Sunrise Sunset a baileys rose. It would be crown hardy for you. It's continuous bloom, disease free and grows each year to 3x4.( more as she ages) Many Kordes roses would also be crown hardy and totally healthy. Just throw some mulch or straw over the crown in winter for the first year or two while they beef up their crown and roots. Buy them own root for extra hardiness. If you don't mind spraying Campfire is a great rose.

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I have the (low brow) carpet roses incorporated into flower beds. In this zone they're a novelty. Overwintering is pretty straightforward. Plant four inches below grade - in the fall, cut the canes to twelve inches and tie together. Cover with egg case cardboard boxes and pack in chopped leaves. In the spring most canes are still green. Never had losses. Information was on GW and other northern sites.

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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

Found more information on Campfire rose and they are suppose to be disease resistant. Looks pretty good.

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boday, by chance did you get one of the Campfire roses last season? Doing some on-line searching I have yet to read a bad review of this rose, including those written by actual gardeners, even though it is a quite new introduction.

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Extreme hardiness and stated strong disease resistance are just two major factors this rose has going for itself. The very attractive long lasting blooms start out a gorgeous pink and yellow and then fade to pink and white or overall pink. Blooms are looong lasting and drop cleanly and pumped out for most of the summer upon attractive clean healthy foliage ... sounds like a sales pitch, lol. Whereas, those in milder zones have a multitude of excellent roses to choose from and may quickly dismiss this rose, 'Campfire' really does set its own new standard in the VERY hardy floribunda category.

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Thanks so much for this real life feedback + the photos....gorgeous.

How large did CF get for you?

Do you have any experience with the couple other roses in this "Canadian Artist" series of roses?

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Rouge, I didn't get the 'Campfire' bushes in the ground until later in the season, though the mature size is stated to be 3' x 3'. I recall it being mentioned of this rose being tested and displayed at a major northern US nursery and it being a standout even among more tender well known selections.

'Emily Carr' ... cupped shaped very long lasting dark red blooms upon a very upright somewhat stiff shrub with large healthy foliage, plant often dies back to the snowline in my zone. A highly rated rose for colder regions.

'Bill Reid' ... I discarded after two years due to disease issues.

'Felix Leclerc' ... shrub or climbing pink rose with very good disease resistance, borderline hardy in at my location and has not developed into a substantial sized plant, though worthy of keeping.

'Never Alone' ... a newly released rose I'll likely acquire this year, it's out of the same breeding line as 'Campfire, though with fuller blooms.

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From one website's description of the Campfire rose:

"Campfire Rose variety starts to flower in early summer and remains in bloom until hard frost sets in. Can a passionate gardener ask for anything more?"

Well, yes. Fragrance. This particular rose however is described as having a "mild" fragrance, which in my experience means you have to stick your nose deeply into the flower to possibly detect a vague hint of scent. Sadly, that's common in modern roses that otherwise have fine attributes. I have a carpet-type rose that bloomed steadily this past year when other roses had an off-season.

In terms of having hardiness, disease resistance, good rebloom and marked fragrance, rugosas generally score well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Purple Pavement

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Growing to a max of only 3 ft, one can forgive 'Campfire' for not carrying much of a fragrance. If rouge wants to instead go for a very different style of rose, then yes, 'Purple Pavement' is a very good rugosa selection.

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