lily seeds (Philippine)

clanross(7b Virginia)October 29, 2009

I have MANY Philippine lily seeds and not much idea of what to do with them. How should I plant them? I read somewhere that they germinate easily and can even bloom within a year. They seem to grow very well for me and I would like to have more. Thanks for your help. :)

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Clothiers database:
Lilium philippinense , Sow at 64-71ºF for 4 weeks, move to 39ºF for 4 weeks, move to 41-53ºF for germination

So a warm, cold, cool germinator. In this 8b (cooler than your own) I would sow, topping the pot with some grit, do the first month indoors if your Fall temps have dropped out of the 60s. Then use mother nature to provide the cold and cool temps by putting the pot outside.

That moist cool range of 41-53 for germination is difficult for me to provide indoors:)

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