Help with Althea shrub!!!

annie60004May 22, 2014

I recently planted a small Althea shrub in a very moist flower bed. I read up a little and realized that the shrub wouldn't do well in that area as it seems to stay pretty damp. I have moved it to an area that is drier, but noticed the bottom part of the stem looks very light in color, it is almost a light grey. Also it looks like all of the areas that will bud have white on them. Is this normal? Is there something I should be doing or should I just wait it out? I have included a photo ti show whatvis happening.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

looks pretty good to me.. but night time pix can be deceiving..

if you mean the white specks.. that is probably just normal bark ...

the grey at the soil surface looks normal ...

i would like to suggest you stop moving it.. lol .. but i dont like how it looks too deep ... you shouldn't have green shoots popping out of the soil ...

if.. when mature it does it itself.. thats different.. as compared to you telephone poling it ... roots are equipped to live underground.. the bark on the trunk is not ...

get a new pic or two ... in sunlight.. and we can decide if it need be lifted a bit .. or the soil just pulled back ..


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Ok I will get a new daytime pic. I was worried it was in too much water so I was trying to save it, lol! The green in the soil it just grass from where I Big I the ground for its new home. I will post a daytime pic ASAP.

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