Stunted viburnum

kept(6)May 11, 2012

I planted 5 viburnum bushes all in a row and all but 1 is fine. These bushes are around 7 years old. The past 2 years 1 of the bushes is stunted with very few leaves. Does anyone know what is going on and what I can do about it?



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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

any frost/freeze in the last few weeks???? and yes.. it can hit one plant..

otherwise.. no pic.. no further guesses ... seriously.. all you have said is '1 of the bushes is stunted with very few leaves.' .. and based on that.. who knows ....


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No frost freeze issues. All but 1 viburnum fully leaves out with twigs only 1/8 of the leaves. This year and last year.

If I had the capability to add pics I would.

So Ken there is no explanation for this? I fertilized it well this spring. There are no plants next to this bush that are not around the fully leaved bushes. So, I don't think another plant is causing the problem.


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Sounds like a roots malady to me


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sorry...just gotta provide more info.

the worst question to answer is why does this one do this or not do this when the rest are fine.

and while it can be determined what happened there is more info that is required...such as scrape the trunk near ground level and discover what color you see. i'm thinking something orangy.

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OK that helps me. I will check the growth at ground level and see what I can find. Maybe I will see some other detail that would be helpful.
Thank you,

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