Curry leaf tree seedlings need help

remy101(lewisville,Tx)November 9, 2013

I bought some curry leaf tree seeds from eBay it's growing very question is what is this white substance on my peat pot mixture? Is it harmful or it just dried peat pot
Thank you

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Hi remy,

My guess is that the 'white substance' on your peat pot mixture is mold. The mold you're seeing is not plant pathogenic, but is a good indicator that you're probably keeping the mixture a little too wet. Try keeping things a bit dryer. Watering from the bottom is often helpful. To do that you can just add water to the tray; leave the water in the tray for a few minutes and dump, or use a syringe to remove, the excess before the peat mixture gets too wet.

Adding a little Hydrogen Peroxide to your water also helps (see link below).


Here is a link that might be useful: Hydrogen Peroxide

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Thanks for the info, and the link! I have the same issue on a few of mine.

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Thank you so much Art.

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dochudson(6 / NYC)

Could you please direct me to the seller. I would like to buy them next year. So far my attempts have been futile.

Thanks in advance.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

You can buy them through (be sure to review the supplier's ratings though!) (I have no idea who the heck these people are, so purchase with caution) has them.

Seeds of India (limited, excellent Garden Watchdog rating) is supposed to have them in April.

There are more Murraya koenigii seed suppliers that you can find with Google. There are numerous suppliers if you want the plant instead of the seeds. For some reason, these seeds are mostly only available through non-standard sources without much of reputation to go by. I always like to know who I'm buying from, when possible.

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