waterlily damage

flora2b(z6a bc)September 4, 2010

Here is a pic of my waterlily flowers that something has taken a liken to. Could this be birds or coons or what?

Anyone else have the flowers and leaves mangled in this way?


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sheepco(MN z4)

Oooh, :( no help here. Is the leaf damage (on the right in the first photo) new too?

Hope someone else can help.


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I've seen damage like this from turtles. The damage to the flowers is unusual.

Good luck in finding the culprit!

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catherinet(5 IN)

Do you see any damage to plants around your pond, or rocks that have been tipped over?

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My koi do this. I find bits and pieces of the pads and stems in the skimmer almost every day. And they sometimes eat the blossoms. Koi are naughty.

If you don't have koi, then I would suspect something else is the culprit. Probably not coons, unless you're seeing pots knocked over and other damage. They are notoriously destructive and will never be called "dainty eaters".

You might check for caterpillars. They love to eat blossoms, and I find a lot of damage to my petunias flowers that turn out to be caterpillars.

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flora2b(z6a bc)

Thanks for the replies........
Today more damage to different blossoms and another plant half flattened, plus another pot knocked off its landing..............
Seeing bird feathers around, but that may be that I have the migratory birds flocking this time of year.
I know for sure I have coons on the property but they haven't really bothered the pond other than to keep the goldy's spooked all the time.
It is definitely happening at night.
I've checked for caterpillars and definitely no signs of insects of any kind, also got no Koi......with the predatory rate around here I would be broke.......
I'm leaning toward coons at this point.....
I will put some fishline around the pond and see if that changes anything.
Thanks again,

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Okay, pots knocked over suggests coons. Coons are difficult to deter, so I don't think the fishing line will be enough to discourage them. I don't have a coon problem so I'm not sure what the best method for you would be, but I do know of people who have used an electric wire around the pond. Fido-Shock, I think. Some people have used a Scarecrow water canon with some success. It seems to startle them at first, although they might grow accustomed to it.

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