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Heather1970(utahzn5)September 3, 2010

If it isn't one thing, it's another. I've had one koi with a sore on her side, due, I think to ammonia problems I had this summer. I've got the ammonia under control now (unless I just jinxed myself) but the sore is quite slow at healing. It isn't huge or too angry looking right now but it isn't getting better. I ordered some wound scrub from Pond Doc and planned on treating the fish next week when it gets here.

Now I've had something weird pop up. I went out to feed the fish this morning and my orange koi has a big blistery looking thing on his eye. It wasn't there two days ago, at least not at a size that I noticed.

I got some photos. One, with both fish problems in one shot, and some close ups of the two issues. The blistery thing has me stumped.

Any thoughts, suggestions? I have a packet of Tricide-Neo that I could use if it were appropriate. Other than that, I will just have the wound scrub next week and I have some Jungle brand Anti bacterial medicated fish food. I have not been able to find Koizyme around here and I have, over the last month, done several melafix treatments - at least 7.

Sorry about the size of the pictures, I cropped them in photobucket but they don't show up cropped (or rotated as in the case of the white one).

While I was waiting for photos to load, I was googling fish eye blisters - do you think it's Koi pox? I know my water is murky, but I've been really good about water changes and filter rinsing.

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Koivet is more the forum you want to visit when you have health issues with your Koi. Please try it as there is a wealth of information concerning fish diseases and treatments.

If you are not going to treat the fish then an optimal supportive environment is necessary. Pristine water, and good nutrition.It has been my experience the deeper the wound, the longer the heal time. Also it is not too late in the season to get some vitamins in those fish. Think grade A food soaked in orange juice, ect.

Also what are your winter plans? Are you keeping the Koi in the pond over the winter? Can you add a solar cover or some other winter cover to keep the pond a few degrees warmer and lessen the stress on the fish?

Good luck. Keep us posted.


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From the picture, the wound on the white fish doesn't look so bad. It doesn't look "open". You can try the wound scrub, but I think with good water quality and food, it would probably heal on it's own.

The eye-thing on the orange and black koi doesn't look so bad either. I know it's unsightly, but it doesn't appear to be infected or anything. Carp pox is usually whitish and kinda waxy looking, but the eye-thing on your koi is the color of the fish. I'm guessing it's probably just a viral thing that may actually go away on it's own.

If this was *my* fish, I'd just do some "Watchful Waiting" and see what happens. If the eye-thing opens up or starts to look infected, I'd treat the fish with some antibiotic in a bath (not in the main pond).

And sorry, I don't know anything about wintering-over fish. I live in Hawaii.

Best of luck with your fish!

(Owner of a pond/water garden store for 13 yrs)

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Thanks for your comments. I have visited Koivet, we are investigating together. :)

I will be treating the white fish topically as soon as the wound scrub gets here, temps are dropping fast and I want to give her the best chance to heal before winter.

As far as winter goes, they've made it through 11 Utah winters, I'm not overly worried about that. I use a pond de-icer, but I think may do some sort of PVC pipe, plastic sheeting tent to keep the wind off of it, that sounds like a good idea.

I'll let you know if I learn what it is, it seems to be quite unusual.

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