Aristolochia-Dutchmans Pipe

valeriepa(z5-6 NEPA)November 6, 2013

Read conflicting instructions on the web. Anyone here that has successful grown Dutchmans Pipe from seed? I need your wisdom. I have the seeds soaking in water. Do they require cold stratification? or light or dark to germinate?
How deep do I sow them or surface sow? I use bottom heat- do they germinate at a warm temp or do I need to put them somewhere cooler.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

You're finding conflicting information because there are so many different types. Of those most cold hardy and reliably perennial, some are warm/cold/cool germinators and would benefit from sown approximately 70F for 2-4 weeks, move to 35-40F for 4-6 weeks, then to 50ishF for germination.

Germination can be improved in others by a 90 day moist chill, and the types grown as annuals can be sown warm with no pretreatment. Are these purchased or traded seeds, if traded, can you find out which aristolochia...

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