Buford Holly from Berries?

Russ_Bolivia(SE NC, Zone 8)November 18, 2005

I hate to show my ignorance: but can you grow Buford Holly plants from the berries?

I have a small farm that needs a hurricane resistance screen from a highway. I have used Leland Cypress trees, but they tend to blow over during high winds and wet conditions. I have two large Buford Hollies now that seem to do very well during hurricanes. They are about 20 foot tall and donÂt seem to suffer any damages during high winds and wet conditions.

Can I propagate Buford Hollies from the berries and if so how is it done?


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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Remove seed from berry. store at 70F for 2 months (consider time spent on plant) Then at 40F for 3 months ..... then lightly cover the seed soil temp 60-80F & takes up to 18 months to geminate..... Cuttings wiyld be faster

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Seeds from a Burford holly will give you a variety of Chinese holly forms. I would recommend starting cuttings, its faster and you will get real Burfords.

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