Green Algae

MamaWang2013September 26, 2013

My husband built me a beautiful pond about 2 months ago.
It's a 120 gallon garden pond and we have 3 Red ear sliders, 2 koi and some feeder fish in there now.
My question is.......the pond has been established for about 2 months now... The pond water looks very clear, I can see the bottom of the pond
But the bottom of the pond is pretty much covered with green algae, not the long string ones, more like a carpet look, is this normal?


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Algae is always an issue for a pond owner. Mechanical elimination is always an option for a pond owner. However, for a small pond like yours, I would not go through the trouble or expense. One thing to remember is that algae is at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to plant life. Depending on your region you can still purchase pond plants or water lilies. I would suggest adding a few pond plants to your pond. The plants will use up the nutrients in the water first. Chemical solutions to rid algae are only a quick fix and the algae will return.

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