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RetiredFlorida(9)November 21, 2012

Hi All,

Would like to share some seeds and of course some plants, make it very easy to understand when they are ok for harvesting and others, not so.

My sister in law has a Golden Rain tree which drops its little pinkish seeds pods all over my yard. Should I harvest these from the ground, small blackish shrived up seeds or take some off a branch which are much bigger but green?

I also have a Cassia Plant that I'm told will become a tree which has long, green bean looking seed pods that a very much green and look to be starting to swell. This is a new plant for me, when should I grab the seeds?


Happy Thanksgiving


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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Any plant which produces pods is designed by nature to spread its seed by the pod bursting open. It will not do this until the seed is properly ripe. So you need to watch the pods until they are dry and on the point of opening naturally to get the ripest seed. For your Koelreuteria (I assume, rather than Laburnum) the seed has already been dispersed by the tree, so that would be the best to gather. Unless, of course it has dropped some substandard seed prematurely or the seed has been lying around a while in poor conditions. In which case maybe wait for the nice fat looking pods still on the tree to mature and then get them as soon as they fall.

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Thanks Flora, I kinda had that feeling after I sat, peeling open too many pods that I "took" off the tree. All the seeds were green and then I thought, that would be awful to offer someone seeds that were not viable. I just googled the tree again and saw a photo of the "ripe" seeds, being black.


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