Bush Clover

shadyswing(z5)May 15, 2006

Hello! -Does anyone have any experience with Bush Clover (Lespedeza thunbergii 'Samindare')? I recently found one at a plant sale and cannot say that I've ever heard of it. I found info stating that it's a sub-shrub, attains a height of 6-foot and is to be cut down to one-foot late winter/early spring.

Will it fare and flower well in a partly sunny location? Are the pea-like blossoms fragrant? Are they attractive to hummingbirds?

Anyway, it's not common at all to the gardens around my area so I am really looking forward to seeing what comes of it once I find just the right location. Thank you in advance for any insight on this one. :)


West MI Zone 5

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triciae(Zone 7 Coastal SE CT)

Yes, I grew one in Manchester, NH also a Zone 5. We did cut it to about a foot in early spring. It was a slow spring starter & really didn't do much until summer was well under way. We had planted it as a seasonal privacy screen...so, it did not do what we needed & yanked it. The shrub would grow to about 4-5' by September when it bloomed but always looked rather "weedy", IMO. I think in the right location they could be useful...say, in a bed with ornamental grasses, boltonia, asters, and the like.

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Thank you triciae. Your experience with your Bush Clover, especially in the same zone, is very helpful. That was one of the particulars that I was curious about, the big picture when all is said and grown -More of a weedy appearance, then, will have me trial planting it in a less prominant placement than originally planned. I'll give it a shot, though, and see how it performs. Thank you again!

West MI Zone 5

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I grow lespedeza 'Edo-Shibori', two tone pink-white flowering and found color somewhat bleached. Would rather have a single and brighter color variety.
Very easy shrub for full sun, grow in an arching vase shape and might take quite a bid of space.
Early spring pruning need in order to restrict size and promote new growth since it blooms on a new wood. The same thing as with buddleia (butterfly bush).
If only pruned once in a spring, it will reach 5 to 6' in height and diameter and will bury everything in a 3-4' radius.
I cut it to 1' twice a season, early spring and second time in June when it will be about 4' tall. Nevertheless it's 4-footer again in August and blooming perfectly for whole August and large portion of September.

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Thank you ego45. I've made note about your double cut-back in order to keep things in check -Good to know! I'm looking forward to seeing what this one does its first year.

West MI Zone 5

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laceyvail(6A, WV)

In zone 5 you might never get any bloom if you cut it twice. I'm in 5b/6 and my L. 'Spring Grove' blooms with the sedum Autum Joy, late summer to early fall. I think it's a very handsome plant, beautiful leaves, and uninteresting to deer. I have it with the sedum, a cream striped Miscanthus and a white Buddleia--pretty spectacular.

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Thank you for the heads up, laceyvail -Wasn't even thinking about the zonal difference in regards to the timing of a second cutback.

I believe, giving it more thought, that I'm going to plant my L 'Samindare' (two-tone, btw, hopefully not too washed out looking) where I first intended, a bit more prominant placement, figuring it can always be moved next year if I find the need.

There isn't a lot of information available on this plant and my variety in particular, so I really appreciate everyone's sharings. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of show mine puts on later on in the year.

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How is Bush Clover propagated? Does it stay within reasonable confines? Especially, I don't want a plant that is profligate with seed. thank you for info!!

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