Water lillies disappearing

mamadoglewisSeptember 27, 2013

I had six perennial water lilies that we planted in 2012. All did well and bloomed all summer. They all came back this year and started blooming then suddenly they all disappeared in about a week. Does anyone have any idea what might have happened. Our pond is about 2 1/2 acres and is stocked with fish.

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catherinet(5 IN)

Are they in containers or in the bottom of the pond? I don't have fish, but I would guess the fish are eating them....?

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They are in the bottom of the pond. If it is the fish, do you have any suggestions for next year?

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catherinet(5 IN)

I wish I could help you mamadoglewis, but I just don't have any experience with water lilies and fish in a bigger pond.
Just keep checking back here and maybe someone will have an answer for you. Sorry I can't help. My "ponds" are very small and I don't have fish. I'll keep an eye on this post and make sure someone helps you while I look for other places you can search.

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sdavis(z7b nc)

Snapping turtles do that, they loaf under good lilypad cover and will gobble a basket of waterlily stems in a day

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Not sure what kind of fish you have but if like with our koi in our pond I can't keep plants in their pond, they devour them !
First it seems they root them up looking for places to lay their eggs then boom, they eat the plants. ( I assume while also going after the eggs )
I gave up after trying to keep the plants' rhizomes down in their baskets with lots of rocks , just did not help .

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