Possible to transplant a large viburnum?

kuriooo(5)May 2, 2010


My neighbor has a lovely viburnum shrub. It's about 8 feet high and maybe 5 wide? I'm guessing it's at least 10 years or more.

I don't know much about viburnums, but it's the highly sweet scented kind, in bloom right now! (zone 5). I love this shrub.

Turns out they have plans to take it out mid-summer.

Is it worth trying to transplant to my yard? How hardy are these things?

Also, is there anything I can do to improve its chance of survival?


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adopt_greyhounds(Zone 4b)

I have a similar situation... moving shrubs for a fence. I talked to a landscaper, he said to use a sharp shovel & get as much of the root ball as you can.

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mid-summer is probably the worst time. I've done it successfully twice -- in the fall. The summer conditions will be pretty stressful for the plant. However, vibs are pretty tough so if that's the only time you can get it, you can try.

Prune it back a good amount to remove foliage to compensate for root loss. Put up a temporary screen/shade if its going to a sunny spot. Lots of mulch and deep watering.

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Ask your neighbors if you can take it out right now--if they want to part with it, they shouldn't care. You don't say where you are in Maryland, but it gets way too hot here in the summer to transplant anything. Offer to do all the work yourself, and your neighbors should be thrilled.

And yes, cut it back one-quarter to one-third and water it regularly. I transplanted a black haw this year, and it really didn't like being moved (it has a long tap root), but aside from slightly wilty leaves and a rather offended aspect, it is doing well.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

google viburnum MOHAWK ...

if that is it.. or post a pic ..

then just go spend a few bucks and get a potted one.. and forego the 10 hours of backbreaking labor involved in hauling this massive thing from one yard to another ...

there can be a big difference between what you CAN do.. and what you SHOULD do ....


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Thanks guys... probably is viburnum mohawk. Similar flowers, and definitely very strong fragrance in early spring. Guess I'm going to end up buying one...

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