Avocado Tree Attacked

DoradalyNovember 19, 2013

Hi. This is my first post, and I have a question about the Avocado tree I have been growing for the better part of the year. It has been doing so well, lots of leaves, and I pruned the top leaves as per recommendations in garden articles. However, when I wasn't looking today, my 2 year old decided to rip every leaf off of it. I am not an emotional person by any means, but this had me in tears! Do you think it will survive? What should I do to help it?

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It will probably be fine. Give it time.

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It should quickly replace the missing leaves. I had a similar experience with a young son and a fuchsia. Both survived the treatment. Al

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My avocado has been "pruned" completely or down to just a couple of leaves, and had the top 6" completely broken off by my dog, a deer, and a skunk over the past couple of years. It looks terrible until the next growing season when things finally warm up again and I can get it back outside but every time it comes back fuller and better looking than it did before it was destroyed.

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