Japanese Holly - transplant

chester_grant(6)May 31, 2008

I have a 5 ft Japanese Holly that has been near the front of my house probably for many many years - I guess it has had regular pruning as the base of the shrub (where it branches) is maybe five inches in diameter. Its a bit ratty (perhaps as its on a North facing side of the house - and I want to transplant it to a sunnier spot.

The question is how difficult will it be to transplant - how extensive are the roots of a Japanese Holly of this size. How big a rootball? Could I do the job with a spade or do I need something else.


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Generally speaking the size of the root ball depends on the drip line which is where you start digging. I'd wait until the fall. The roots are fairly shallow or at least they were when I had a bulldozer pop out a 8' multiple stemmed holly last spring and replanted into a bulldozer dug hole and watered and it is performing great this year. You shouldn't have to go too deep.

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runktrun(z7a MA)

I moved a 5'h x5'w Japanese Holly 'Chesapeake' a few years ago and it was a monster to move, it took myself and a young strong man. A few things to keep in mind are Ilex crenata are infamous for being susceptible to aphid damage which can give them a *ratty* look, secondly in zone six I would NEVER transplant a shrub in the fall as the plant will not have enough time to put out new root growth to survive the riggers of winter. Typically most folks in cold weather climates transplant during their last month of winter (for me in MA it is March). kt

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I am going to wait till September and then pull it out with a rope tied to the back of my truck - after vertical spade work around the drip line.......that should work! I will have to figure out where to plant this ratty thing. Is the Jap Holly is shade tolerant?

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I cut this bush back and then pulled it out - it had shallow roots so it wasnt as bad as I expected. I didnt need the rope and truck. At least I dont have to look at this ratty Jap Holly everyday anymore.

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