Rose Of Sharon

twizzlestickMay 4, 2012

What types grow the best tall? I had a wild type (not sure of the name) white with red center rose of sharon that over time I pruned, staked, pinched into a 12ft small tree (one trunk) and I just love this. I would like to know what other types I can do this with as I would like to have the 4 corners with these wild type and perhaps another color tree type in the middle along the walkway.

Last year a bird even nested in it..

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I think any of the cultivars will grow to that size eventually. 12' would be pretty exceptional around here but 8-9' is pretty common, regardless of colour.

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Rose of Sharon are one of the toughest shrubs I have ever encountered. The bumblebees LOVE them too, which is why I don't plant them.

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