Move some Redtwig dogwoods now?

lola-lemon(5b East WA)May 11, 2013

I've got 2 elegantisima dogwoods that are in the way and need to be moved now.

I know it's not the right time- it'd be better to wait to fall or spring. Etc. but I plan to do it and I just wonder if people think I should chop them down (like doing a bareroot rose) to move them, or leave their foliage.

They are only about 3 feet tall at this point and have just been in these locations for 1 or 2 years-- so they aren't massive (part of the reason I want to do it now is also that I don't want to let them to have the time to get big- it's their "leap" year (sleep, creep, leap).

I will do it in the evening on a cool day and keep them watered well--- just wonder if anyone thinks I should chop them down??

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I would cut them back and move them. They are a plant that is best displayed by attempting to cause them to sucker anyway so you picked a great plant to have to move in this manner. I would water them in with some rooting hormone and follow up with usual transplant watering through the year, and I would bet most anything that you won't have a problem. (the bigger the better with the root-ball, of course) Oh, and don't forget to water them very well a day before the move.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if you can figure out how to kill them.. let us know ...

the only issue is how ugly they will be for the rest of the season ...

but you have to do.. what you have to do ...

i would only cut them down.. to the extent that it facilitates moving them ... sometimes it good to have levers and trunks to work with ...

after its in its new spot.. then you could cut it further.. if you want to ...

if you can target a couple rainy/cloudy/cool days ... that would help also .. but see above about doing what you have to do ...


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Don't cut them back. If you are going to place the plants under the trauma of moving them out of season - inevitable transplant shock - then they need that foliage and leaf growth to help them recover and re-establish the root system. Cutting back AND moving is a double whammy. And tatarian dogwoods are not nearly as cast iron as are the native species.

Cutting back the top growth of a non-dormant tree or shrub prior to transplanting is no longer an advised horticultural practice.

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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

Like gardengal says, move 'em and wait. You can always trim out anything that fails later, but what DOESN'T fail will help to re-establish the plant.
And like ken says, "if you can figure out how to kill them.. let us know ..."

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