Melody Perfume and Heaven on Earth

Lilyfinch z7 mid tnMarch 23, 2010

Please tell me about these if you have them! Post pics! I ordered these and cant wait to have them in my garden . I especially need more detail about melody, i have searched hmf and google, but id love to hear more! :)

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I have three Heaven on Earth and love them! Very large, beautiful blooms, unfortunately not very fragrant (at least not to my nose). The foliage is very bushy, dark green and lush. The only fault that I can find is that the blooms are so large that sometimes they tend to droop, like their little heads are too big for their necks! Mine were purchased last year and so are not really very old.

Here is a picture from last year of some of the blooms:

And here is a bush shot, taken today. There are actually three together. They were pruned earlier in the year so are pretty compact at the moment. You can't really see in the picture but they are now covered in buds:


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Melody Parfumee faded terribly here, lovely lavender when it opened in the morning, gruesomely grey by afternoon. Otherwise it was nice, with a pretty good fragrance.

In your more northern zone perhaps the fading won't be so much of a problem.

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'Melody Parfumee' shouldn't have much of a fading problem in your zone, altho you probably will notice a seasonal difference in the color -- a more intense, deeper lavender when temps are cooler in spring and fall. I find the fragrance to be VERY strong. However, if blackspot is a problem in your garden, be prepared to spray this one. It is BS-prone in my zone, but nowhere near as bad as that other popular lavender HT, 'Barbra Streisand'.

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Melody Parfumee was a great rose for me. Bloomed like mad, very fragrant---I could smell it when I opened upstairs windows--it would waft right into the room. The color is variable depending on temperatures, but always pretty, even as the flowers got a little older. Very healthy--maybe a tiny bit of BS at the very end of the season in my no-spray garden, but nothing I couldn't live with. I had it for a few years and decided to remove it because it was a little big for its location and I'm getting more attracted to singles and more OGR-type roses. Highly recommend it.

Here it is in a fall photo--you can see how clean the leaves are, and how heavily it blooms in spite of neglect:

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I have MP on fortuniana and it gets very large. Mine
stays around 12x6. It's a good grandiflora with typical
grandiflora blooms. The blooms are much richer in color
during the spring and fall and make a nice cut flower.
I spray and have no disease problems at all with her.

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Mom had two from J & P and they were beautiful. Nice fragrance and very pretty color. She didn't have any BS problems. It's a wonderful rose and I think you'll love it :)

Just be sure you protect it really well going into the winter. They are not very cold hardy and Mom (lives in zone 5) lost them both after last year's tough winter. You're in zone 6, so with a little protection, they should do vey well for you.

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

Thanks for all the posts and photos! i just realized they would look beautiful planted near each other!
LL- which one did your mom have that needed extra protection? Ill make a note of that.

I cannot wait to smell them...

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

I grow and love 'Heaven on Earth' here in zone 4. There is so much to love about it. The blooms are very large and the color ranges from salmon/orange to apricot/pink depending on the weather and the age of the bloom. Its true that the blooms sometimes nod, but that's because they are so huge and so full of petals. It has minor winter dieback and is mostly healthy. Repeat bloom is good for me. It has a light tea rose fragrance.

I think you made an excellent choice in getting this one!


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the_bustopher z6 MO

I have Melody Parfumee. It is a sturdy plant, but its disease resistance is very poor. I have a real fight every year trying to keep leaves on it because of its blackspot problems. It blooms quite a bit, and the flowers have a strong fragrance even though they do fade. The bush can get quite tall. Overall, it is quite pretty, but it is not healthy in my garden.

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Celeste, YOU were the enabler that enabled me to purchase my Heaven on Earth's......I knew it was someone on the forums last year that had posted beautiful pictures and raved about this one!

Thank you!


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Melody Parfume did not survive the winter for me last year. It was pretty but not very hardy unfortunately.

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I love heaven on earth too. It has a gorgeous color, nice smell,great looking bush, and little to no bs. One of my favorites out of over 100 bushes. Grows to about 6 to 7 feet here.


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I am about to plant Heaven on Earth and except a lot from this rose.
I had Melody Perfume but I got a lousy plant so I could not way till it passed on.

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