Sweet potatoe vine from seed?

michigoose(Z5OH)November 28, 2005

Has anyone grown sweet potato vine from seed? If so, what were the results. I'm considering it, but I'm just not sure....Thanks!

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Sweet potato vine doesn't grow from seed,it grows from slips taken from a sweet potato.

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I am well aware of the tubers from the sweet potato. However, on Chiltern's seed, as well as an ebay seller it offers sweet potato seed. That's why I am asking. I have stored tubers over the years, but this variety I've never seen for sale, and therefore was interested in starting it from seed, if it wasn't next to impossible.

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Jarka1(Czech republic)

read my post at attached link.
I think it was Ipomoea batatas I have planted from seeds.
http://forums2.gardenweb.com/forums/load/namegal/msg1005163924171.html?12 (gardenweb - forum "name that plant" - page I think 3)

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If you are referring to the decorative sweet potatoe vines, mine do flower, and if they flower it follows that they must produce some type of seed (unless they are sterile?). Mine are growing from slips in the house right now, so they don't get pollinated. But I imagine you can grow it from seed--it had to come from somewhere, right?

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Jarka1(Czech republic)

Yes, I have got the seeds from small boy from Uganda.
I did not know the name of that plant and asked people on other garden forums. Now I know the name, but do not know if this plant is perennial or only annual, I did not see any picture, what blooms I can expected. Do you have any picture of blooming plant??

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