quince seed germination

yugoslavaNovember 22, 2007

I run into my neighbor today and she told me she had been given some quince that was grown on an apple tree. The quince graft had been brought from Macedonia, The 2 fruits she gave me looked great, however when I asked if I could get some scions for grafting in the spring she told me this person lived outside the city and she sees them only rarely. After considering this for some time I thought of asking since I have 2 pieces of fruit if I could germinate the seeds. I have never done this and need to know if the seeds need cold treatment. I need to know how to proceed with this. Advice on this matter would be most appreciated.

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Store the seed at 40F for 3 months then lightly cover the seed soil temp 65-75F & takes 7-21 days to germinate.

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