Take the Frogs back to the marsh?

lisa11310(z5 MI)September 5, 2010

Hi all. I posted that I was thrilled to have so many frogs this year since I have had hardly any for the last 3 years. Now I have a new delima. I have so many frogs I can count 20 at a time, I have many plants and am sure I am not seeing them all, most of them 1" to 2" but about 6 of them them maybe up to 3.5". We had a cold snap (our heat is on) and they all seem to still be here (though it is 70s this week). My little 600 gal pond is heavy with fish since we had 9 babies survive last year. None this year that I can see (I hope). The question is, If many of these Frogs try to overwinter in this pond will they put the fish in danger? I would think they would add to the "inch of fish per gallon right"? The marsh is about a 4-5 minute walk for me. Should I take a bunch of them to the marsh so they can overwinter safley? I am sure some of them will hop back to where they came from. Am I doing them a favor by returning them so they don't have the dangers of hoping across the road etc? I know the Frog population has been declining and I would like to do what I can. Suggestions please!

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If you have more frogs than you want, I see no reason why they can't be gathered up and relocated, since they are native to your area. Are the frogs in question bullfrogs, tree frogs, or toads? I've never had tree frogs try to winter in my pond, nor toads. Thankfully, I have no bullfrogs coming to my pond. If I see one of those, they're headed for a new home asap.

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

Some of the smaller ones may be Bullfrogs but most of them are Green Frogs. I always send the Bullfrogs a little further down the road near the other side of the lake. One of the bigger ones is very BRIGHT green. I would love for them all to stay but I am worried about the load on my pond through the winter. I know a lot of them will leave on their own but I also wonder how many actually make it.

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