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depeche2uNovember 19, 2013

I am having a drainage problem adjacent to my back patio. We had leveled our yard with sand ~ 1 year ago, and that has leveled most of the back yard, but the water collection prior the leveling has not improved. We have french drains on one side of the patio that have not been extended the length of the patio. I am attaching some pics. What are my options? My thoughts are
1) Extended the french drains.
2) Extend the patio
3) Graveling the edge of the patio


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Rather than leveling you need to adjust the grade so it slopes away from the patio. It's a lot of work to do it correctly but only needs to be done one time.

Start by stripping your sod around the patio and out to the edge of your property. Then have a guy come in with a grader to scrape the yard away from around the house/patio. Then replace rolled sod on the new grade. This will do a lot of good things for your property. Protect it from water seeping and pooling around your foundation. Prevents molds and pests from accumulating near the house in the moist environment. Makes your yard a whole lot prettier, your mower won't leave those tracks on your turf.

This treatment can be expensive. You can rent a sod cutter and move you turf by yourselves. But unless you have a good friend who owns a grader that part could cost a couple thousand bucks.

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