Who stays and who goes?

annedickinsonSeptember 5, 2011

OMG I hate making decisions. I am driving myself crazy! Here's the situation:

I have a 160 gal pond. My fish died last winter. I got fish from a co-worker. I said I wanted 2 or 3 fish and they gave me 6 fish: 2 comets, 2 shubunkins, 2 black fish.

I previously had one comet and one black fish. I notice with these 6 fish that the like kinds stay together; well the two comets and two shubunkins stay together. Who knows what the two black fish do as you can only see them when food disappears from the surface of the water with a big smacking sound.

There are numerous little babies; some comets, some black some who knows what.

So... my questions are:

1. Do I have way too many fish for 160 gals? I am concerned that I do.

2. If I give away fish (someone wants them) is it better to give away the big ones and keep just the babies through the winter and see what they turn into in the spring?

3. Is is better to give away the babies and keep the big ones?

4. Is it better to give away some of the big one? If so which ones?

5. Should the like kinds be kept together? ie - keep the comets and give away the shubunkins?

I am driving myself crazy with this conundrum!!!

What is best for the fish? I am not a breeder and don't care which ones I have.


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jennie_in_mt(z3 MT)

For myself, it is all about what pleases your eye.

For the most part, the black fish are better suited to aquariums as they are more easily viewed there. Also, size does matter! *wink* No one would think having 6 fish in a 160 gallon aquarium is too much of a fish load, but if those goldies grow very large, and you do not have good filtration, then it is too lg a load.

Just for sheer interest, I would keep the shubs for sure. A nice mix of red, white and black, and they have longer, prettier fins (IMO). I would keep the comets for now if you enjoy them. That decreases your load a bit. You could always keep a few of the young just to see how they turn out.

What is your plan for overwintering?

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My plan this winter is to use a ring deicer to keep a hole open or buy a larger bubbler. I think last winter, which was long and cold with no "January Thaw" caused the aquarium type bubbler to either quit or freeze up and, with no hole open, my two fish (and two babies) died. I don't know if I will cover the pond or not. I have in the past.

I have a great skippy filter that I love so the filtration seems to be okay.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I would give away the black ones as they are hard to see in a pond. They are all goldfish, and will all interbreed. There is nothing wrong with keeping the ones you think are the prettiest. If it was me it would be shubunkins and comets.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

My spouse put her fancy black goldfish in a show tank with gold tailed guppies. Really looks good.

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can guppies and goldfish co-habitate? I have a really small pond(less than 50 gal) and i want a fish there for looks, and keep the mosquitoes in check, but i dont want 1000 fish. i think you can get male guppies, and i thought maybe one gold fish for looks, along with 3-5 guppies for company, but really dont know.

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I don't know if they can co-habitate. I would think that the goldfish would grow big enough to eat the guppies in a pond, even a small 50 gal one. Perhaps a couple of goldfish would be best.

Just to be fore-warned, you might end up with baby goldfish if you have a male and a female. Please don't ask. I don't know how to tell which is which. I just know that they breed quickly and well!!! The babies are fun.

Good luck

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

It;'s mostly a matter of personal choice but you probably are overloaded. They usually recommend at least 20 gallons for each GF A lot depends on the filtration and water conditions of course. fewer fish would have the best chance to develop and live longer . If you have someone who wants them I'd keep the babies and see what they become ??
gunnerson 8 Guppies can't tolerate freezing. A much better choice would be "Rosey red minnows " Stay under 4 inches love mosquitoes won't harm plants can take temps below freezing and practice birth control.They eat all the young they catch lol. You can find these at most chain pet stores Be sure to get the "ROSY variety much more attractive !! gary

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rosy red minnows. check. will look around. i want fish, for looks and function, but dont want a thousand. gold fish price is right, but kind of wasteful to have to get rid of them...

they take warm temps pretty good too i presume? we get a little freezing in the winter, but we get alot of heat in the summer. ponds shaded most the day by plants, and it has a frog spitter, and another little area spitter/waterfall for the birds. probably full water cycle every hour or two. i get alot of evaporation, but i fill it with the rain barrels now(ac condensate this summer) maybe 2-4 gallons a day if the spitter is off the mark or its windy

thanks again.

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Last fall I ended up moving all my fish except one invisible black one, that I never could catch, to a friend's larger pond for the winter. The black one survived and I may take back one or two fish for the summer. I have the pond for the relaxation I get when I sit next to it and the stream at the end of a LOOOOONG day at work!!!!


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Guppies and Goldfish co-habitate just fine. I wish the GF ate the guppies! Two years ago I put a cupful of guppies in my pond and the population explosion was astounding! I was begging everyone I knew to take guppies and still had what seemed like a thousand at least. My little Granddaughters loved the guppies and would scoop them up and hold them in their hands.

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