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kittymoonbeamMarch 15, 2013

We all have our favorites and they are not always winners in every way. I was thinking that if I had to suggest one red, one pink, one white, one yellow, one blend, and one wildcard to someone starting a small rose bed and wanted a roses that were fragrant and freely blooming and not too much trouble to grow - right now I would say for my area it would be

R- Velvet Fragrance ( I am trusting Kim on this one, but I have it on order)

P- Memorial Day

Y- Elina

B- Scentimental

W- Souvenir de la Malmaison

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White- Pope John Paul II (forgot to type it in)

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seil zone 6b MI

R - Veterans' Honor

P - tough one, there are a lot, but probably Quietness

Y - Julia Child

W- Pope John Paul II

B - Dick Clark

And the wild card, hmmm... Eyeconic Pink Lemonade or Koko Loco both really great bloomers!

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For my area; R---Let Freedom Ring. P---Souv. de la Malmaison. W---Crystalline. Y---Molineux. B---Louise Estes. W---(tough one) Moonstone & Tiffany Lynn

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SdlM is a sure winner in my garden. As for the others . .

Memorial Day -- this one's highly touted as being impervious to heat, but it's very stingy of bloom and otherwise unimpressive in my southern garden. Ho-hum.

Elina -- a towering, reasonably healthy bloom factory for me. Its blossoms are plentiful and often impressive. But yellow? I don't think so . . . They're kind of an off-white for me. Always. The thrips adore me for refusing to get rid of this one.

PJP2 -- I SP'd my two J&P New Generation PJPs. The few blooms they produced were lovely and highly fragrant, but the plants just weren't productive enough to pay the rent on the real estate they occupied. I've just received a PJP grafted on Huey for 2013 planting. At last! I have high hopes, but we'll see . . .

Julia Child -- bullet proof in my garden. What's not to like (except the boredom with it that sets in at about season three)?

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

I'm afraid all my selections are pretty large roses, so they might not fit in a small rose bed.

Red--Ascot (not a true red)
Pink--Frederic Mistral or Brother Cadfael (both are very big)
Yellow--Julia Child (no boredom for me here)
White--Don't grow any whites; I find these to be boring, however.
Blend--Evelyn (not much of a blend, I guess).
Wild Card--Dainty Bess.

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I like everybody's choices. I confess that I like very pale yellows. Maybe some people wouldn't consider Elina to be yellow. I do like Julia and would be confident about suggesting her as a richer yellow. I was curious about what everyone would choose because people always ask me " what's a good....( X colored rose )" I have my favorites but many have flaws that I overlook and I am willing to grow some fussy ones because of color, shape or fragrance. Even though I love PJPII, my favorite white rose is Honor and I have heard all sorts of complaints about it. I wouldn't suggest it as a starting out rose. Sister says why didn't I include orange or peach?

I like reading all the wildcard choices

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lola-lemon(5b East WA)

R- Firefighter
P- Frederic Mistral
Y- Floriferous- Michaelangelo, for Fragrance Valencia
W- Pope John Paull II (I am ordering my 3rd, I also lost 2 new Generation own roots, this one will be grafted!)
B- Morden Sunrise
Wild Card-
scepter'd Isle own root-- she blooms her head off and has such cute blooms.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

This is hard--I find I like all my roses and don't want omit any of them.

But I'll force myself. I'm focusing more on easy-to-grow and less on fragrance--though there are some good smellers on the list also.

R--Eutin (floribunda)
P-Mystic Beauty (identical or nearly to Souvenir de la Malmaison)--but I really wanted to put Lady of Guadalupe in this slot also.
Y-Molineux (since others are calling this yellow; to me it is a yellow/apricot blend--but I dont' really have a good alternate choice for yellow)
Wh--Elina--it is white with a pale yellow center to me--a blend in other words. If you are going to be a purist, then substitute Memoire, but Elina is too good to be left off any list.
Bl- Red Intuition. I adore this one--dark red on medium red--but I have lots of roses that qualify as blends--including Molineux and Elina.
Wild--Lady of Shalott--but she could also be a golden/apricot blend.

Well, I do seem to be fairly busting out of my seams with these categories, don't I !


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AnneCecilia z5 MI

R: Mirandy
P: Sydonie
Y: Sunsprite
W: Mme Legras de St.Germain
B: Leda
Wildcard: R. glauca (I could not be without this rose and while the blooms are pink and I could have put it there, it is the blue of the leaves and the abundance of hips, the graceful arching of the canes that makes the whole package delightful.)

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Campanula UK Z8

oooh, I'll play
red - there is only one red for me....R.moyesii (any of its cultivars, particularly geranium, but I love the basic sp.)
yellow - hugonis (but I could pick any of the early yellows as I love them all)

white - my main weakness (boring, Diane!?) - choosing another species, R.helenae

pink - Madame Gregoire Staechelin - my first and still one of my best and most beloved roses - the foliage, at this moment, is proving to be one of the delights of my still gloomy garden.

blend - Don't really have much of a choice (really not keen on stripes) so will go with Hebe's Lip, a wild-looking white, with crimson tips.

wildcard - Eyes for You, a delicious hulthemia which has surpassed my earlier Harkness versions)

Where are the mauves/blues/purples? - gotta pick Eyes for You in this category although Purple Skyliner runs close.

This was quite hard choosing since nothing is actually blooming right now and choices are always subjective, depending on what is looking best at any moment.

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I have so many newbies I'd love to do this again next year, as I think some will change, but for now:

R- Chrysler Imperial - perhaps not easy in wet climates, but to-die for in mine (guessing new Firefighter may surpass)

P- Pink Peace - LOVE the fragrance (fruit loops) and constant rebloom. Many new Austins, and SdLM, and Memorial Day that will compete this year.

Y- Sunsprite (I don't have many yellows), Julie Child will contend this year

P- Heirloom (how could you forget purple!) (can't wait for Della Reese to start to bloom)

L- Angel Face (or lavendar) (Think Neptune will take over this spot)

O- Fragrant Cloud (and orange!)

B- Double Delight (perfection makes up for not so strong rebloom)

W- Young Lycidas, Stainless Steel, Bella Roma (seriously, one?!)

(I didn't follow directions too well)

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Everyone has very nice choices!

Red- 'Firefighter'
Pink- 'Belinda's Dream'
Yellow- 'Molineux or Julia Child'
Blend- 'Gruss an ÃÂachen'
White-'Bolero' (2004)
Wild-'Easy Does It'

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I can't wait for my Bolero to get going. Last year was a hint of good things to come. Lola-lemon I think you are right about what a good rose F. Mistral is for a beginner. Maybe I should have chosen that over Memorial Day.

I bought a Firefighter the other day after thinking that this rose takes time to get going and the sooner I plant one, the better... otherwise I get to hear all about it and then I decide I want one and then wait three years for it to make the magic.

Wouldn't you like to be the lucky newbie with any of these great lists of roses? Just add in your favorite colors I left out.

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jlee160(5 MI)

I also have a lot of newbies, and noid roses- While a couple of the unidentified roses are my favorites- I will stick to named varieties.
R- Ld. Braithwhite
P-Scept'rd Isle-even as a newbie bloomed it's head off
y-Julia Child
L- angel face

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