Seeds in vinegar germinated

riograndegal(9)December 8, 2010

A few weeks ago I was going through some of the forums and came across a post regarding starting seeds from a pickled pepper. Well a few years ago I had several sweet cherry pepper plants and one of the hurricanes blew them away pot and all. Since we were away I couldn't even try to save them. Well I had a real hard time finding seeds again even on the seed exchange. all I found were the hot ones. While at Mr. Gatties one day with the kids I decided to bring home one of the peppers from the salad bar and as always forgot all about it until someone mentioned it. Well guess what, I have oodles of seedlings that have come up. So yes to that person who was wondering if they germinate after being in vinegar. Thanks, Josie

Here is a link that might be useful: Josie's exchange page

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your results are interisting BUT I do not entend to use vinegar to aid in germination of my seed.
Vinegar IF applied to foliage will kill the leaf & possible the plant.
Yes some seed need to be soaked in a acid but use sulfuric acid not vinegar

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Yioges, I do not soak or add vinegar to my seeds to aid in germination. what I was trying to say was that I was simply running an experiment on some seeds I got off a pickled pepper from a pizza place. This was after reading someone else's post on the same curiosity. I also wondered if they would germinate from pickled peppers, and I just happen to have good results, but no, like you I have no intention of using vinegar to aide in seed germination. Although if someone told me that vinegar helped I would probably experiment with some seeds from say the dollar store. I am always ready to try new things cause ya never know. Like using sulfuric acid soak for some seeds, I did not know that, thanks for that info, but I wonder what kind seeds need that. I have had some seeds that no matter what Ido just won't germinate, who knows maye that's the trick. Thanks, I totally appreciate tht tip, Josie

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You will have to let us know how the fruits turn out. I was just thinking about trying this with a hot pepper pod I found in some General Tso's chicken. What got me to thinking like you is this summer I soaked, preboiled, then cooked some beans. Some kids from the party took some of them and planted them in my random pots around the property, a week later I got green healthy plants, I didn't see them off to produce seeds. I couldn't believe that after all that cooking they germinated.

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Ok so here is my first update on my pickled peppers. They are doing great as of now. I don't know how the vinegar will effect as they grow but I hope to at least get one good plant because I really love this peppers. And as I said before, they are not being water with the vinegar but rather were seeds from a pickled pepper so I feel that if they germinated then they should have no problems vinegar related. Josie

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I have used vinegar to quickly germinate seeds - it works!

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Vinegar won't effect their growth, if anything, its acid was mild enough to do a little scarification. Now you have to get them through the winter in a cool and sunny window--turn the pot every few days so the stems grow straight. Harden off in the spring and then out into the garden they go.

Good for you!

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Overcoming Seed Dormancy: Trees and Shrubs Vinegar is safer (but less effective treatment) and can be used for species that do not have an extremely hard seed coat; the technique is the same as with sulfuric acid.

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Wonderful news kayjones, Trudi and Albert. Trudi our winters are so mild here it's like spring most of the winter. We have had one cold day so far I guess average around the valley got down to 36 or so. Next day it was in the 70's. This is the time of year I start many seeds in small styrofoam cups so I can easily bring inside incase of really cold weather. Right now I have 13 differant peppers, 8 kinds of basils, amaranthus, blue bonnets, marigolds, etc..that have all been started from seeds. They are all just waiting to go into the garden beds. I also have all sorts of tropical hibiscus and the bouganvillas I am rooting for the first time. The begonias and angel trumpets are all doing fantastic with lots of new growth. I would love to know what everyone is growing.

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