how and when to root a Dwarf Oregon Grape cutting

katrina1(OK)June 20, 2010

After planting two dwarf Oregan grape shrubs a few years ago, some workmen damaged one of them, and later it died.

The one that they did not damage has established well and is thriving nicely.

The only local garden center where I first found these two shrubs does not offer them anymore, so now I am wondering how well cuttings from my remaining Dwarf Oregan Grape, would survive. I am also wondering what part of the year I should take the cutting and try to root it, plus wondering even how I should attempt to root the cutting.

Can anyone help me with some detailed advice and instruction concerning my question?

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

Cuttings are difficult from Mahonia and done with fall cuttings with 3k ppm IBA dip under mist with warm bottom heat.


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Thanks for the help Dan. One other question, I need help with. Since in the past I have seem a lot of propagating failure at the point just after I have managed to get my cuttings to root.

So since my Mahonia cuttings will need to be cut this fall from this years growing season's hardened off wood, and since they will have been so difficut to root; could anyone please advise me on how to mix up the potting soil I will need to prepare for planting any of the cuttings that sprout?

Also, if the answer to that is a soil-less mixture like periolite or something else similar, How will I know when they will needed to be transplanted into regular potting soil? Or would it be better not to transplant them into potting soil, but instead to simply plant them outside in a southern facing landscape bed?

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

Generally rooting is done in sand, or a mix of perlite-sand or other filler medium and sand. You'll want to transfer to a pot with a medium of very coarse constituents. UC Davis used to have a list of their media mixes, but a quick search of The Google can't find it, but their greenhouse ops programs are among the best.


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Thanks for the additional info Dan.

I do understand your info of using the perlite-sand or other filler medium sand, and the need for me to determine what medium course constituents mix I will need.

But am unclear about the greenhouse program. Are you saying that it is better for me greenhouse the rooted cutting once it is transplanted; instead of letting the transplant go dormant enough to overwinter it still potted but sunk into the ground outside?

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