Do you need to protect tree seedlings in pots for the winter??

njbiologyDecember 20, 2008


Do you have to protect tree seedlings in pots for the winter?

I have small seedlings (Paw Paw & American Persimmon) in 1 gallon and in 3 gallon plastic pots (the typical black ones with holes for drainage). I live in NJ, which is USDA zone 6b. The pots are lined up on a pavement surface. Since the roots are not going bellow the surface of the ground as if planted directly in the ground, but are instead in containers which are directly exposed to the surrounding air temperature, will the seedlings be destroyed by the freezing temperatures (even down to -10 F.)?



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The simple answer is Yes... But you can protect them by 1) keeping the soil damp (throughout the winter) every time it warms up rewater the plants. 2) adding straw, leaves, mulch will reduce evaporation.
Roots freeze at about 28F IF the soil is damp/wet it will freeze at 32F AND STAY AT THAT TEMPERATURE. IF the soil is dry then it will reach the same as the air temp in your case -10F & the roots will freeze

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