Faceplate for DIY skimmer? Hy Drive pump?

tavy(6)September 21, 2010

I'm wondering if anyone has used the faceplate assembly and weir flap for Easy Pro or Savio skimmers on a home made skimmer/filter. It would add about $50 to the cost but would sure look nice and professional.

I'm considering a Pondmaster HY Drive 3200 pump in my skimmer/filter. I'd love to hear opinions on it. I'll plumb the bottom drain into the skimmer then send the water off to a bog filter which spills over a rock back into the pond.

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Hi there. While I cannot give you an opinion on the faceplate I do have some thoughts for you to consider. We have had a few forum members over the years who have plumbed their BD to their skimmer and wish they had not. I recall one member posting that he could not get any significant draw from the bottom while using the skimmer to skim the top. He would have to close the skimmer door to get the BD to function at any useable level. He said he wish he had plumbed the BD to it's own circuit. This stuck out in my mind when I redid my pond and went with the traditional BD and love it.

I would recommend even a retro BD thru the side of the pond wall to it's own settling chamber or a BD on the bottom for better results. Just my thoughts. Good luck with your skimmer.

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jclimber(S Austin 8)

I have a Hy Drive (Danner/Pondmaster) 4000 gph pump in my skimmer and it works great. Encased in the enclosure it was too big to fit in the Savio full-size skimmer so I removed the enclosure and attached a filter screen (hard to find).

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