Celosia won't grow

summervinDecember 18, 2013


I am new in gardening. I am taking over the baton from my dad as he is getting older and not very mobile to do gardening anymore.

First off, I am living in Singapore and I suppose the humidity is right for most gardening. I planted a few Celosia(Cockscomb) seeds and it germinated. Initially I wasn't sure how long should I transplant it into a larger space so I waited till 40-50 days after planting in the seeds. I managed to keep it alive until now it is almost 70 days but it just doesn't grow any taller.

It has 2 leaves(one set) just like any seedlings and I noticed 2 of it started to have 4 leaves. I wonder what has happened to it that it grow so slow. I watered it to make sure it is moist but not wet. Can anyone expert advice on this? Thank you very much..

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Hi summervin and welcome to GardenWeb!

Sorry to hear youâÂÂre having problems with the celosia. Actually, itâÂÂs hard to offer any suggestions because there are just so many possibilities and you have given so little information :-) Are these plants something you started inside? Under lights or in a window? Or did you start them outside? Where are the plants now? Have you fertilized at all and with what? Are they getting plenty of sun?

IâÂÂve grown celosia for years, starting them inside under lights in very late winter. They have always been very fast growers. The only mistake I made (first time I grew them) was to move them outside too early. Celosia can not stand cold weather, they love the heat. If put outside too early they take forever to recover (if at all).

If you could explain in more detail, maybe someone will have some ideas that may be helpful. Personally, there just is not enough information here to even give me a clue.


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What are the seeds planted in? Soil? Indoors or outdoors? Containers or in ground? What is the source of water and nutrients? What is the temperature day and night? Is it possible an animal is eating the tops off the plants?

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