Pool filter conversion to Pond filter?

renee48624(z5bMI)September 13, 2008

Hi everyone.

I did do a search before posting this question. Both on the web and this site but I still would like to hear from anyone who has done this.

I was offered a fairly new pool filter for free. (Hay****). At first I rejected it but after going into a large local pond store/business yesterday I was surprised to have them tell me to grab it, take the sand out, replace it with bio filter material, either the little round plastic pieces, or the strapping bio material and use it. They claim it works great, (one of the employees uses one) and it will keep my 2900 gallon pond clean. I did order a pond pump (4200 gph) 250 watts, which I hope will retrofit to this filter to keep my cost down? I still would use a veggie filter at the top of my waterfall. They told me I could eliminate a settling chamber, bio filter and draw directly to the pump. Any ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated.(I have a previous posting titled "new pond, needing advice") with a photo of my newly dug pond. Thanks again! Renee

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After hours of searching and making phone calls, I found the answers I needed. koifishponds.com actually has an article on using a pool filter for pond use. I also found 3 others who use the hayward filter with success.


Here is a link that might be useful: kio fish ponds

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I have A hayward SP714 filter on my pond and would like to change the media from the little plastic filter pieces to a better or upgraded material. What would you recommend and how much material do I need.

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