Sprout seeds from Potpourri?

mccommas(z5CT)December 16, 2012

Mission impossible? I bought some odd looking seed pods from an Estate Sale that were in a 70's style candy dish. I was only after the seeds. I might put the dish on eBay.

Well not only were these poor seed pods soaked with chemicals to make them smell pretty, God only knows how long there were in storage for. Undeterred, I put some in the fridge using the plastic bag and wet paper towel method but they got accidently thrown out :(

The rest of them -- hundreds and hundreds of them -- I planted outside in the raised bed Connecticut) for winter sowing.

They have been out there about a month now. The seed pods at first looked like berries to me. They were super brittle and they shattered when I squeezed them. They were also a little sticky. I eventually guessed that they were probably rose hips. I have grown rose from fresh seed before and they seem consistent with rose seeds. If they are not rosehips I don�t know what the heck they are.

Think I will get anything? Anyone ever tried anything like this? Rose seeds are hard to sprout as it is but like I said, I had probably a 1000 seeds.

Yes, its winter and I am bored.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Well it sure doesn't hurt to try but I'd be really surprised. The poor embryos in those seeds are so old and have been so abused that the odds of their survival are slim - very slim.

Good luck.


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