choice of shrub to block view

glenn_sun(5, iowa)June 22, 2007

hello , My folks have a view through an empty space underneath a line of 12 mature red cedars that exposes an unsightly neighbor,junk cars,old farm equipment. They

would like to fill in this space to block that view.

---there is a pasture "behind" these red cedar trees, so there isplenty of room to place whatever trees or shrubs that will do the job. This is eastern iowa, and we have winter here, so an "evergreen"type is preferred, but if the shrub grows thick enough in a couple years, decidous is OK.

--- are looking for relatively fast growing plants that will fill in this space within a few years-my Folks are in thier 80's, intend on staying here, but would like to block this long tolerated view as soon as possible

thank you, glenn

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I planted a row of lilacs and in front of them blueberry bushes and red prince wiegalas (sp?). We then put up a privacy fence as the shrubs, although they have great potential weren't growing fast enough for my taste. :~)

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I just googled fast growing evergreens and came up with 2 good sites right at the top of the list - and if I weren't such a Luddite, I could post a link. Both the "fast growing trees" and "fast growing evergreens" sites let you choose your state and what's recommended with the growth rates, etc. Nifty sites with good pictures and information.

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