How to thin a small lotus bog?

catherinet(5 IN)September 18, 2013

Sure isn't anything happening on the bog forum.

I have a 300 gallon Rubbermaid stocktank that is sunk into the ground and filled with soil, with about 8" of water on top.

I've had a lotus in there for about 7 years. I have recently realized that I should be fertilizing it alot more than I do.
It didn't make any blossoms this year, but made a ton of aerials. Does that sound more like a fertilizer problem, or an overcrowding problem?
If it is overcrowding, how do I thin it? Can I just yank out some of the stems and hope that tubers come with it? Or should I lay on the ground and stick my hand down in the mud and feel for tubers, and pull them??

Any suggestions?

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sdavis(z7b nc)

Overcrowding would over time end up with a tub of dead and spoiling old plants inhibiting new growth

A strong jet of water might be effective to blast the mud away from the young new tubers among the gnarly old stuff, careful not to damage the vital growing points

By feeling the shape where the tubers are, you will have fun finding two tubers with a growing part and delicately winkle them out

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catherinet(5 IN)

Thanks sdavis.
I hate to think we would need to empty out 300 gallons of dirt and start over. I was thinking we could just start pulling some things out, to leave room for the others.

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