Looking for help with starting Lisianthus from seed

dcrosby(5MA)December 25, 2006

Hey folks,

I've been advised to start lisianthus now and i've been advised to start themn 6-8 weeks befoire last frost date. I've been told that they're not easy to grow. Can anyone share their experience with me? I never see them at the nursery and I do love the flower!

Any and all help is much appreciated!

Thanks and Take CAre!


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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Do NOT cover the seed .... soil temp 75-80F & takes 10-15 days to germinate.... then lower temp to 60-70F. I plant 22-24 weeks befor use. in pots, landscape etc...

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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

I would start them WAY earlier than that. It takes them several months to start blooming. I'd start them 4-5 months before your last frost date. I was considering doing lisianthus this year and was wondering if it might be a little late for me to start them, because by the time I order the seed and it gets delivered, it'll probably be mid January.


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The two times I've grown these from seed, they took a really LONG time to start flowering. I've gotten much more joy out of purchased plants.

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Definitely start earlier. I'm in Zone 5 (late May last frost date) and I start in Feb. I've been planting for about 6 years. Also, they are VERY slow to start. I find when they get their first two pairs of true leaves, I transplant and they seem to do better. Actually, most plants that are slow to start seem to enjoy getting into fresh mix and will really take off.

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I've grown them before but usually end up buying plants because they were so slow to take off. I didn't get blooms until Sept and by then it was almost the end of the season here. I am growing some more this season (I'm a glutton for punishment lol) but I planted them yesterday (on a seed mat) with the hope that I can get earlier blooms.

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Where do you folks buy them? My local nuserys have never carried them. Do you buy from catalogs?

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Park Seeds and HPS (Horticultural Products) carries the seeds. I've ordered from both and been pleased. Stokes seeds alos carry them. I find Park has the largest variety. Last year I didn't get my first blooms until Mid-July but I'm in Wisconsin ~ they seem to thrive in the hot weather. They are really pretty and I think worth the effort. I've tried the small Blue Chip and Pink Rim (both Park Seeds) and got a lot of compliments ~ very pretty only 6 ". I also have used the Cinderella, the Blue Blush and Hiedi Mix.

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busylizzy(z5 PA)

Yes, I too decided to go for the Lisanthus this year. Hope the seed arrives next week. I had poor luck with bought plants a few years ago. I use May 15 or so for the last frost date. Hope I am not too late for sowing those great cutting flowers. I start my geraniums about now, and last year I tried something new for moonflowers and they were blooming by June in North PA! Knocked back a bit when I transplanted but was able to get mature seeds and they took over the porch side by August till I pulled them in October still blooming their heads off.

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sprouts_honor(5, southern shore of Erie)

Today I planted yellow and pink Lisianthus from Park Seed. Years ago I grew purple and white. Have had great success over wintering in the sunroom or attic under fluorescents between 40-50 degrees F with minimal watering. Only major problem can be fungus gnats. I keep seedlings quarantined in a dome until large enough to be transplanted with at least an inch of sand on top of the surface. I also started placing a sand mixture in the bottom of pot to prevent gnats in drainage holes. Using a mix void of peat moss will also lessen infestation.

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I still have to receive mine from Park Seed! "sprouts honor," the user before me, must have bought my seeds first eheh! I bought them on January 27th and the Park Seed customer service told me they run out of stock until February 13th and I think I will receive them really late.

However, I have the luck to live in Texas. That means Lisianthus here can stay outside until mid December, and I will enjoy their bloom this Fall. Then I will definitely collect the seeds and sow them immediately, because I don't want to have another GardenWeb user buy my seeds from Park Seeds before me and empty their stock and make me wait again! ahah!

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sprouts_honor(5, southern shore of Erie)

Sorry rinomanfroni! That's so weird. Park's charge cleared my account on the 28th. I must have their last two packs. Every year, I swear I'm going to collect Lisianthus seed. But most of what I grow ends up in a vase.

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