Feeding baby koi in winter??

darla84September 10, 2013

I have a large stock tank that has about 300 1 inch baby koi in it. Should I stop feeding them in the winter when I stop feeding the adults?

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Stop feeding them when the water temp gets below 55 degrees. That's a lot of Koi ;- 0

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Hi Darta. I live in Southwestern Ontario Canadsa and I have been breeding Koi for about 30 years and we used to bring the fry in during the winter just so that we could gain some size on them and sell them in the spring. Also, the chances of them surviving the winter would be quite low.
Now, if you live in an area where your winters aren't that cold, they might survive.

Your's Koily, Lorraine

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Hi darla84! If your fish can be brought inside for the winter if its warm enough, I would say you could feed them. But if outside, you will have to stop feeding 55 and under. You never know, they could still grow some and be plenty strong enough to surive the winter. Keep feeding as long as you can to beef em up and see what nice surprises you get next year!


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