ginseng seeds

little726(z5NY)December 20, 2005

I bought some pre-stratified ginseng seeds off the internet. Has anyone ever tried to grow ginseng from seed? Also, what does pre-stratified mean?



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magus(8a BC)

Pre-stratified means that it has been given a sufficient cold period for it to germinate. Many seeds require a moist, cold period before it will germinate, and ginseng, I guess, does. All you need to do, presumably, is to put them into some soil and wait for it to germinate.

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...there are a series of articles at the Natives Plants Journal site: >Search Publications

Here is a link that might be useful: native plants journal

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...a few other thoughts pertaining to the sited articles....I do not advocate (in fact,I frown upon) the use of the specific name brands of given fungicidal treatments particularly when you begin inquiries into their specific detrimental effects on soil micro-organisms.However,what is useful here, is the identification of some of the key associated plant pathogens one might encounter when attempting to grow this crop...There are biocontrol you might explore and modifications of cultural procedures to help reduce a crisis mode situation.

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Thank you for helping me out. I appreciate it.


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I am thinking of developing a wild-simulated ginseng plot in my woodland. Can anyone provide information as to estimate 70-80% shade?


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