Damaged cotyledons

weberriverDecember 22, 2013

My first seedling of the season is here, but the cotyledons were damaged and are slowly dying off. The seedling has healthy roots, stem, and the beginnings of its first true leaf, however. Is it doomed or is there still a chance it can survive without the cotyledons? It is about a week old.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

A chance, depending on how close to opening that true leaf is....you may just have to wait and see. What happened that the cotyledons were damaged, and has that been corrected? The cotyledons serve as food sources until true leaves are formed and the plant is capable of photosynthesis, so your seedling could be stunted by their loss, or not survive if there isn't enough energy to develop the true leaf. If that happens, hopefully you will have more seeds following to take it's place - few of us sow one of anything :)

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