Delay in placing water lilies in Pond

saltydad(7a)September 25, 2013

I just returned home with 2 waterlilies already planted in pots. The problem is its too dark now to see what I'm doing in the pond. I don't want to go lumbering around and stepping,on other lilies, plants, fish, etc. The lilies are in pots, wet, in heavy duty plastic bags. Can I leave them out of the pond overnight until I can put the pots in the pond in the morning? I'll have them inside to avoid the predator problem. Thanks!

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Yes, as long as they are wet they will be ok for 1 night. They are out of water for several days when they are shipped and do fine. Just keep them out of direct sunlight.

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Thanks for the info. I appreciate your help, and am looking forward to maybe seeing the lilies blooms before the cold.

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Hey salty, I was walking around one of my local garden centers last month. I noticed they had beautiful big water lilies buy one get one free. I could not pass that up. Well, My new pond is still under construction, the lilies are doing fine in their plastic buckets. I just have them in a sunny spot.

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