viper125(6)December 15, 2012

Well howdy all! Im from zone 6 in Ohio. Trying to get my plant starting better. Pretty string last year and tall. So added a grow light to my shop light and a heat mat. Germinate a pepper that people were having problems with from Australia i guess.Got it going i the orchid mixture fro jiffy using a dome and a heat mat. Moved them downstairs to a 55 degree basement and added the light. Temps of soil is around 62-65. But growing is really slowly to none. Figure I need more soil heat. These were really to test if they;d germinate but now figure why not keep them going. Also considering a col frame or hot frame to move plants I start out side to make room. Now me and the wife are disabled and do this for fun and because plants are just to high to buy. So I do every thing on the cheap or DIY. I must also hold utility's down. Now if you think that's a lot of restrictions for advise, think what its like living that way. LOL! Any advise or suggestions appreciated. I did see an article on using the old type Christmas lights to make a board to heat them with any one try that yet?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

This is a pepper plant growing in Orchid mix, correct? So little to no nutrients in that mix and you will need to either transplant it to a regular growing mix, one that contains added fertilizers, or feed it with a liquid fertilizer (diluted to 1/4 strength) weekly and don't over-water it. They do not like to have wet feet all the time.

Keep in mind that pepper plants are very slow growing by nature so don't expect quick growth like you would see with a tomato plant for example. But they do grow even with cooler soil temps. Soil temps that are too hot just result in long lanky leggy growth so be patient. Can't plant it outside for months anyway. :)


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Well yes! I am figuring on adding a mixture of Miracle grow about 1/2 strength. But was waiting on the true leaves. These are only about 1" tall. Is it to soon to add?
Also this was an experiment to see if I could germinate as 3-4 others have tried and failed.They are about 22 days old now. As soon as they sprouted I put under my lights. Figured Id play with thee till time to start the others. Trying to get a nice bush plant and not the tall stringy ones I had. But think i had the lights to high then
But included the pic. Less then 50 % started.

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zzackey(8b GA)

My advice is on where to get cheap seeds. Have you ever send for free seeds at The Garden Hoard website? You can get 6 packs of seeds for a two stamped envelope. I am where you are physically and financially. I've gotten some nice seeds off of the seed exchange and the round robin exchange.

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