Lathyrus latifolius

hostaholic2 z 4, MNJanuary 30, 2013

Everlasting Pea Vine, has anyone grown this? Pros, Cons? Good bloomer or not so much? Does it really bloom all summer or does it take a break when it gets hot? I'm considering either
'Pink Pearl' or 'Red Pearl' for on a downspout trellis.

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I grew this a number of years ago, so there may be improved varieties now. Mine didn't bloom all summer, though it bloomed later than the spring-blooming annual sweet peas. I like the flowers which remind me of my grandmother's sweet peas, but in my garden it self-seeded too well. I found myself pulling seedlings for 5 or so years after I decided it was too aggressive for my tastes and had removed the original plants. I know an old farm where this has spread to the field near the house, so at least here in New England's acid soil, you have to be willing to remove seedlings (which have tougher roots than many plants) or deadhead or cut the plants back before seeds form. In your situation I would be more likely to grow annuals like sweet peas or scarlet runner beans or else clematis, all of which are easier to control.

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I have grown the common one that was in my mother's yard when I was growing up. It blooms about the end of June here and is then sporatic on and off for a month or so. As mentioned, it seeds everywhere and has become such a nuisance in my yard that I have been trying to get rid of it. It has very long tap roots and so it seems by the time I see a seedling, the roots have already reached down so far that it is hard to pull and get the whole thing. I think if a piece is left in the ground it grows again.
When it grows it tangles up in my other plants and can be very annoying to try and control the vines. Just not worth the hassle for me anyway.
Lots of other plants to choose from--just be careful of those too. lol! I love morning glories, but they are also trying to take over my yard. :-)

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Thanks to both of you for your comments. It sounds like this is one I'll stay away from. I'll keep looking.

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