My Monet Weigela Problems

echinaceamaniac(7)June 26, 2008

These plants are beautiful, but I've noticed problems with the leaves having brown edges and tips. I bought one at a great local nursery. Every single one there had slight brown on the leaves. Is this sun damage? I'm starting to believe these need protection from full sun. Have any of you experienced this problem?

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

This is common with variegated plants, you are probably correct.

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It's indeed need protection from mid-day/afternoon sun, but happily blooming and growing just in a morning sun.

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My newly planted Wine and Roses is also getting crispy brown at the edges, it's in full southern sun. Same problem?

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Various things can case leaf scorch.

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My experience in Michigan is that once established in the garden, My Monet takes full sun without any problem, in fact I gets better pink coloration when I grow it in full sun.

The leaf scorching appears to be more of a problem in nursery plants (or the first year in the garden) especially if the potting mix is allowed to dry down. We have found that our best comtainer plants are those that we grow more on the wet side compared to those grown drier.

My Monet is one of the first Weigelas to go domant in the fall. This is good news and bad news - the bad news is that it can look a little tired in the fall. The good news is that this makes for a very hardy plant. My Monet does not put on a late flush of growth (which is typical of weigela) which is tender and dies back. Most weigela will keep growing late into the fall and this soft late season growth will result in dead tips and stems the following spring. Because My Monet shuts down earlier do not see tip die back in the spring - making it very winter hardy.

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' fact I gets better pink coloration when I grow it in full sun.'
How interesting, all three of mine have no direct sun till about 2:30pm which last till 5pm, rest of the day they are in a bright dappled shade. With such lighting conditions pink coloration is the predominant color in a first half of the vegetation period while white tips/edges become truly prominent only in a second half of the season.
BTW, while it blooms happily, I consider it as more a foliage than a flower shrub :-)

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

2:30PM to 5PM sun would bake a plant requiring partial shade. So, in effect it is actually a full sun position - a plant like a pine wanting full all day light might I suppose react to the morning and evening shade - definitely if it comes from a taller tree or building looming overhead or nearby, to the side - but a shade-loving kind wouldn't be able to take the afternoon sun there. The sun hitting it in the hottest part of the day would cancel out the protection from shade experienced the rest of the time.

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My experience is the more sun the more pink and the more shade the more cream. Initially I was this plant would do well in full sun - as the first year it looked a bit tired. But this plant gets better once it is establised - it flowers better and the foliage is thicker and cleaner. I would not be afraid to over water, if in full sun, during the first year in the ground (at least here where we have sandy soil).

Of course this is typically with all shrubs, it take about year three to really know if a shrub is doing to good or not for your location. Too many people make rash statments about a plant after it's been in the gound 6 months or less, i.e. endless summer.

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I just transplanted six Weigela �Wine & Roses� shrubs this Spring. The leaf color right now, (about three weeks after planting), is more green than purple, and I have seen a little bit of leaf scorch too on a couple of them. I agree with duncanmsu that it takes at least one growing season for any plant to get acclimated to the environment it is transplanted into. I really believe that with regular deep watering and feeding, my Wine and Roses Weigelas will look great in a year or two.
I also transplanted a Ninebark �Summer Wine� at the same time. It is located in morning sun until about 2:00 P.M., when it begins to get shade from the house. It is actually faring better than the Weigelas so far. This is probably due to the afternoon shade.
I really think that since the Weigelas are in a little bit harsher climate with the full sun, it may take them a little longer to acclimate. I am hoping that through the deep watering and some Miracle Grow liquid plant food I can get the Weigelas� roots well established before July. The summers here in South Central Kansas are very harsh.
I am also hoping that what others have said about the Wine and Roses Weigelas� leaves getting darker as the year progresses is true of my Weigelas too. I guess time will tell.
The one thing I am learning about plants is to be patient. It�s never a good idea to start digging things up and moving them without waiting at least one growing season to see if their health and growth is improving. As long as I see continuous improvement and new growth, I�m content to wait and see.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Wine and Roses Weigelas

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