Best Vendors? Best prices?

motherjan(z5 N.E. OHIO)March 1, 2014

It looks like we will be buying new rose bushes/climbing/etc.
What vendors do you feel are truly good with excellent prices? What do you think are the best bushes? We are looking for any color but red. What do you think of Cottage Farms & Roberta's on QVC? Thanks in advance.

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Have you a preference for budded bare root versus own root/bands? That can make a world of difference in price. Kim

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seil zone 6b MI

While most of the time I find QVC's product quality fairly good I have to say that the miniature roses I bought from Cottage Farms through them were terrible. I ordered a package of 12 miniatures and of them I only have one left. Most of them didn't survive the first season and the rest didn't survive the first winter. They were small and not very well rooted. And at least 8 of the 12 were mislabeled so I ended up having to search for months to try and ID them. A couple of them I never was able to name. When I tried to contact them to help me ID them they were MOST uncooperative. I would stay clear of them.

I have never purchased any of the Roberta's products so I can't say about those.

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alameda/zone 8

Chamblee Roses in Tyler, Tx has excellent roses at great prices. I go there a few times a year and they have a great product There are other really good vendors too - just got in an order today from Palatine Roses and David Austin roses. Its best to stick with tried and true companies. I doubt I would ever order from Cottage Farms or QVC. Also, it depends on what you want - bare roots, own root? Am sure you will get lots of suggestions.

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For zone 5, two good vendors of own root roses are Northland Rosarium in Spokane, Washington and High Country Roses in Denver. Both have carefully selected roses which can with stand the rigors of zone 5 winters, and both send out large plants which are ready to start growing when they arrive.

Two good sources of grafted roses for cold zoners are Palatine and Pickering in Canada. Again, huge, healthy plants which are ready to plant and grow.

I have not ordered from Wisconsin Roses, which does also have a great reputation. I think there is also a company in Ohio called Rosefire.

If you want modern roses, the ones that look like florist roses, Hybrid Teas and Floribundas, you had probably best stick to grafted roses. Maybe call or email WR for suggestions.

Do any of the cities near you have nurseries with good selections?

The cheapest way to go is the body bagged roses which are showing up now in the big box stores. Those are a gamble, they might or might not grow, be true to name, be virus free.

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sc_gardener(zone 5)

For zone 5, I have experience with Pickering nurseries, Palatine nurseries, David Austin Roses, and for own root: Chamblees nurseries. ALL are good vendors.

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