Pride of Barbados from Seeds

mike5210December 13, 2006

I have about 200 seeds from my Pride of Barbados pods that set this year, I've never started them from seeds, does anyone have any suggestions on the proper way to start them. I have noticed that they are very hard seeds and I would imagine that they need scarified to start, any other suggestions?


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

"Nick or file seed to help water breach the seed coat, soak in warm water overnight then sow in equal parts potting mix and vermiculite or perlite. Germination should take place in 1-2 weeks."

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Thanks for the help, I think I'll start them late January for planting in spring.


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Nashonii(6 Ozarks)

I had three of these beautiful plants in S. Texas but moved to Arkansas, (hard to believe it but same zone)!
I know they make a lot of seeds, but mine were too old by the time we found a permanent home. None of them came up.
Does anyone have some seeds from last year that they would part with? I would be glad to pay something for them, and the postage.

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Nashonii(6 Ozarks)

Sorry, I didn't catch the box that would shoot responces to my in box, so please write me at:
Thank you, Diann

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