Which rose would be best for a pot?

dwllama(SpokWA Z5)March 18, 2012

I've decided to try and grow a rose in a pot this spring and looked around at Lowes, Home Depot, etc to see what's available in my area. From what I can get easily I've narrowed it down to three choices that I especially like: Charisma, Granada, or Rainbow Sorbet.

anyone have experiences with these in pots? Especially in eastern WA around spokane?


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I'm willing to bet you'll be happy with Charisma. I grew it when I lived in FL. Beautiful full bush covered in those bright orange/yellow blooms. Will be adding it to my garden up here soon. Granada is to big for most pots. Rainbow Sorbet will get black spot and didn't bloom enough for me.

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seil zone 6b MI

I've grown Granada in a pot for 6 years and it's done very well for me. I have done a root prune on it once in that time. Now my season is shorter than yours so I don't get as quick growth but even so I think it would be a good pot rose.

As for Charisma, I have finally quit buying it. I have bought a total of 5 of them over the years and none of them turned out to actually be Charisma. I did get a few interesting roses out of the mislabels but I've had enough of the guessing games. I still have one I've never been able to ID!

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dwllama(SpokWA Z5)

Thanks for your replies! Does anybody else have any input? Was hoping to get a few opinions before I actually bought one, especially from people in more northern climates like mine.

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dwllama(SpokWA Z5)

I didn't even think to ask about fragrance. do these have decent fragrance?

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I don't know any of those roses so can't help you with your question. I did a search for Granada on www.helpmefind.com, a rose data base, and noticed it is listed at 4-6 feet, so I would wonder if that would do well in a pot.

But what I mostly wanted to say is there is a really nice rose nursery in your town, Northland Rosarium. They carry a lot of roses, a much wider variety, than you'll find at a box store. I put a link to them below. If you live in the area, I think it would be worth going to visit and talk to them about what would do well in a pot.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Northland Rosarium, Spokane

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jerijen(Zone 10)


What size pot are you thinking about?

For a full-sized rose, I would plan for a pot that is MINIMUM 20-inches across, and more would be better. The smaller the pot, the greater the probability that your plant will not succeed, long-term.

Be sure to NOT use a saucer under the pot, and in fact, raise it up on "pot-feet," or bricks (or something) so that it can drain freely. Failure of drainage is one good reason for failure to succeed with potted roses.

Granada is a beautiful, beautiful rose, but even at its introduction it was held to "set new standards" for powdery mildew. It does. You might consider something more modern -- only because in recent years, hybridizers really have paid more attention to disease-resistance than they did for many decades.

In a large enough pot, you might try 'Julia Child.'
'Livin' Easy' might please you.

Jeri in SoCal
(Sorry -- Not PNW, but at least West Coast!)

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dwllama(SpokWA Z5)

Thanks for the replies.
Harborrose - thanks especially for that link! I got a catalog from them and while they don't carry anything I listed above that I noticed (figures, right? ;) ) they did have a few others that look promising and I like the idea of knowing where my rose was grown!
So in that case I'd also like to ask for any experiences with:
Sheila's Perfume

Of those Sheila's Perfume seems most attractive, especially since it seems to be smaller, and it's really lovely in the photos I can find. Any more thoughts of course would be welcome!

Also- will definitely keep that in mind about drainage.

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