Fresh Tangerine Seeds

darkflame(9)December 20, 2007

I ate the most wonderful fresh (picked it straight from the tree) tangerine today. My wife has been talking about how much she wants to plant some fruit trees in the yard (we've got four mature pecan trees & a few trash ash trees). I really would like to sprout the seeds from this delicious tangerine so that we can grow a tree or two. Like I said, these are "fresh" (not "dried") seeds. I've previously sprouted dried seeds with pretty good success. Do I need to save these a year & then sprout them as dried seeds? Or is there a way to get the fresh seeds to sprout so that I don't need to wait such a long time to get them to sprout. It is winter here (will be officially tomorrow), so that may be a factor. Any help and/or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!!

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Go ahead & plant them now..... BUT..... reamber they will not come true from seed. Take cuttings from the parent tree OR use the seedling to graft from the parent tree.

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All of the citrus of substantial size and flavor are grafted onto lemon, ornamental orange or wild tangerine. If you get a viable seed to maturity (fruiting size) realize it will not be of strong root stock and subject to problems associated with the variety of citrus parent. From seed I would expect 6-8 years for the first fruit and a few more before any crop may be realized. I have a 1/2 acre of citrus and have to keep the suckers off or the rootstock will take over the weaker but more desirable fruiting tree. The only exception is lemon which are very strong and don't need grafting. Just an old farmer's experience

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I read an interesting article somebody wrote up on the 'net, saying that she had some fairly good luck with sprouting tangerine seeds from commercially-grown tangerines. If I recall correctly (I was just looking for this website again), she either held the seeds for a while in a damp paper towel or cloth for about a week, or she soaked them in a small bowl of water (water which was changed daily) for that long, waiting for them to sprout. I think that when some did, she planted them in small pot indoors (?), and then grew a couple small trees. :) I'm trying this now with my own seeds.

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I have currently got seedlings growing at about 4 to 6cm. Orange, lemon and tangerine. All from shop bought fruit. The system I am using to get the seeds started is to give the seeds a light cold water wash to avoid them growing the own fur coats, fungus. Then place them on wet paper towels folded over to cover the seeds and place in large transparent plastic bags. They are then left in a dark cupboard for about 3 to 5 weeks until they produce roots and shoots before being transferred to pots. So far they seem not to care what they are planted into, soil or pots. I had so many germinate that I ended up using anything and everything I had in the garden because I didnâÂÂt think that it was going to work, but it has done. I do by the way live on the South coast of Spain so do have a small advantage. My advice would be try it, all you would be wasting would be your own time, and when the effort works you will glad that you did. Fruit or no fruit.

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I am currently sprouting wild tangerine seeds. My grandfather had a lemon that died back in the early 80's. It came back from the rootstock as a wild tangerine. Since then about 10 more have popped up in the yard (mainly because as kids we had tangerine wars around the property. Each bore fruit within two years and each had wonderfully sweet fruit. Hopefully I will get the same result.

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