Not happy with new soil in my brand new raised vegetable bed

pana303August 7, 2014

I have a new 47 ft x 3 ft sized raised vegetable bed on the north side of my house. The landscaper built the bed with a depth of 6". He filled it with topsoil mixed with an equal amount of mulch blended organic bark. The soil has lot of clumps, many of which seem to be made of clay soil, along with quite some stones as well. The raised bed is filled to the brim with this soil mixture. I sowed some seeds in the bed today and felt that the soil texture is apparently not right, with all the bark and clumps coming in my way while installing the seeds.

This soil mix was recommended to me by a reputed garden center I bought it from. Please tell me there is nothing wrong with this mix. As it is filled to the brim, the vegetable bed has no more space for any soil amendments to be added. Will the bark pieces decompose and improve the soil texture by next spring?

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Someone, please help! I am an amateur at vegetable gardening and would really, really appreciate some guidance ASAP. Thanks so much.

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