lotuspond(7)September 4, 2010

I have a good size pond (almost an acre) and lots of water lotus. They cover almost the entire pond. This is an old pond and they have been growing for many years, before I moved in. I wish I knew how to add a picture on the forum, so someone could tell me what kind I have. I think they might be "Empress Lotus". Huge plants with white and pink flowers. Some of the stalks must be 6 to 7 feet tall (mostly on the deep end of the pond). Does anyone have an opinion on what kind they may be?

I'm also puzzled about the seeds. I tryed to harvest the seeds, but most of them seem to be small an dried up. They also seem to be hallow when I crack them open. Is this normal?

I was also wondering when would be the best time to harvest the tubers. A lot of my friends would like to take some and put in their ponds, but I don't know how to take them out.

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catherinet(5 IN)

Hi lotuspond,
I'm not sure what kind you have. Are you saying that you have some pink lotus and you also have some white, or are they all pink and white?
Lotus are VERY aggressive and can take over a whole pond easily. I'm guessing the seeds are small/hollow because the roots/tubers are choking each other out. They would probably be alot healthier if you could thin them......which will be a major, major job.
Since you don't have to worry about killing your lotus off, I would say that very early spring is probably the best time to pull them to harvest.
If you're giving them away (and not just throwing them out), you'll want to be sure there are several intact "eye" on each tuber you give them (the growing tips). And just be careful not to damage those eyes and keep the tubers in water all the time.
Good luck!

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