tropical water plants

garyfla_gw(10 Florida)October 23, 2012


Anybody growing either Typhonium lindleyanum ( water banana) or Lassia spinosa (unicorn flower) ?? Was curious as to the general habits of the plants ,heght ,spread, cold sensitivity. ?? Thanks gary

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I grow them both. The T. lindleyanum gets maybe 5-6' tall for me and is very banana-like it looks, but extremely cold sensitive and suffers much under 60 F, so I find it easier to start from seed each year.

The Lasia is not as attractive, kind of messy looking for lack of a better way to describe it, but much tougher. Mine has been growing for years now and has probably been hit with temps in the upper 30's.

Montrichardia linifera looks a bit like the Typhonodorum...or at least like a giant arrowhead and is much less cold sensitive. I've had it knocked back to the rhizome by frosts and it regrow in the spring.

Hope that helps, Craig

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Can see that they are both going to eat up all the space in my small pool lolObviously both would have to be grown in containers. Was always impressed with the flower of the Lassia. but probably wouldn't perform in colder years. Have been experimenting with Calatheas,Marantas and Anthuriums in my marsh garden but is heavily shaded so most of the usual pond plants don't do well there
one that has surprised me is hybrid angelonia actually grows far better in water than land for me.
Anyway thanks for the info. Always fun to try new types?? gary

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